Hi, I'm Michael Charles, founder of CSM Image. I consider myself to be highly creative, very versatile, happy, fun-loving and vibrant. I have a strong drive, solid work ethic and a natural propensity to help people out.

Let me help you with your creative needs, be it photography, videography, branding or marketing. Contact me here using 'ATTN: MC' as part of the Subject line.

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The world is full of beautiful scenes that are waiting to tell stories. Photos can tell stories of the past or the future, what is good and what is fantastic, what reality is and what it could be, what is real and what is fantasy.  Using various camera settings, lighting and editing techniques combined with clever concepts and diligent setup, CSM Image covers a vast range of artistic photography.

You may have a project that calls for creative photos or you may be looking for the right piece of art to fill a void wall space. When it comes to artistic photography, CSM Image provides you with creative and professional imagery that strikes chords in the minds of the viewing audience.

                                             for inquiries on individual photos, full photo shoots and artistic projects.